League Information

Welcome to Leagues 2019

The league season runs from early May to mid August with a League Championship in September.

Most leagues are 15 weeks long.  Leagues are designed to appeal to all skill levels.  League fees vary depending on the course you choose and directly reflect the course's greens fees and league administration fees. 

Registration will be open in March and is available to all current active members, and each spot is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Note: LPGA Amateurs NNJ  Membership must be current throughout league sessions!  Want more information?  Email our League Chairperson at 

Membership:  All leagues are exclusive to members of the LPGA Amateurs NNJ Chapter. A member must be in good standing with annual membership paid in full.

League Fee:  There is a $30 administration fee for each league you join. There is NO discount if you join multiple leagues. The $30 fee supports league administration expenses and the league meeting. 

Greens Fees:  All leagues require payment in full at registration. LPGA Amateurs NNJ pays in advance for all tee times and maintains an extensive list of substitutes. 

Refunds: Please click here to review our refund policy. 
It is the responsibility of the registered player to “sell” her place on the league roster if she is unable to fulfill her league commitment. The league committee may provide some assistance in that effort; however, there is no guarantee that a replacement player may be identified. Situations will be handled on an individual basis.

Unable to Play: League members are responsible to arrange in advance for a substitute.  Members should:

  • Attempt to rotate substitute play among different golfers listed for the league, in order to allow all to have access to play 
  • Call or email people on the substitute list for your league
  • Call or email someone on the substitute list from another night, keeping league level in mind
  • Contact your coordinator or another league member if you are unable to find a substitute or are going to be late
  • Contact your league coordinator in advance of play to notify her that you will not be playing, and who will be your substitute for that day
  • Make arrangements for the substitute to reimburse you directly

Late Arrival:  Late arrivals vary by course but they will try to accommodate late arrivals within reason.

Handicap Maintenance:  All LPGA Amateurs NNJ members receive a handicap service enrollment included with their membership dues and are encouraged to maintain a handicap using Post a Score on www.lpgaamateurs.com.  

Inclement Weather Policy: Click here to review our policy 

Guest Policy: If a substitute player is needed in a league and there are none available, a regular league player may bring a non-member ONCE as a guest substitute for that day.  The substitute player pays the greens fee like any other substitute player.  If a guest plans on substituting more than once, they are required to join LPGA Amateurs NNJ and pay the substitute fee.  This can happen at any time during the season.

League Social Meeting:   All league players and substitutes are requested to attend. Check our Calendar for dates.

Schedule:  Leagues do not play on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Leagues make up that date on what would be the week after the scheduled end date. If a particular league would be scheduled to end on August 19, the new end date would be on August 26.

Code of Conduct:  All league players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately on the golf course.  Players are expected to follow all local rules and rules of behavior, including Dress Code. LPGA Amateurs NNJ  reserves the right to terminate a player’s participation in the league if found not to be in compliance with the rules. If a player is terminated, her league fee is not refundable.

Pace of Play:  LPGA Amateurs NNJ supports Ready Golf and Maintain Your Position.  

LPGA Amateurs NNJ endorses the Double Par Policy.  If you have a handicap, your score will be your ESC handicap maximum amount of strokes.  If you are establishing a handicap, your score is a maximum of 10.

You are considered out of position when you reach the tee of a:

  • Par 3 and the group in front of you has already gone on to the next tee.
  • Par 4 and the group in front of you is already on the green.
  • Par 5 and the group in front of you is getting ready to hit onto the green.

Most leagues are designed so that, throughout the season, individuals will play with all the other members of their league. Playing golf with various individuals, much like playing a new golf course, offers different challenges and opportunities.

Your coordinator determines the format to be played each week. Your participation in the various games/competitions is part of the structure designed to help you enjoy the sport and social aspects of the league. Remember that your coordinator works hard to bring enjoyment and skill improvement to your league.

LPGA Amateurs NNJ chapters operate with the goal to provide an opportunity for women to play golf in a supportive environment.  If you have any concerns or questions, speak with your league coordinator or e-mail Janine O'Connor, Leagues Chair at Leagues.